About Last Year's Conference

The Annual Yellowknife Geoscience Forum is the largest mining and petroleum conference in the Northwest Territories. The joint initiative of the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines and the Government of the NWT's Department of Industry Tourism, and Investment attracts hundreds of delegates and exhibitors excited to share their knowledge, to learn from others, and to show off their wares. The event is held in Yellowknife, the capital city of the Northwest Territories, and is held annually in mid- to late-November.


45th Annual Forum (2017)

Attendance highAs these are perhaps the most challenging times for the resource industry, with an overly long period of depressed prices and reductions in investment,  attendance of 712 - was very encouraging. Attendance by community members is a sign of changing times as mining's importance is growing.


Great speakers: Attendees heard talks of their choice provided by an exciting slate of over 100 presenters. Talks were given in all three theatres of the Capitol Theatre, under themes including Regulatory & Policy Update; Mining & Exploration; Energy in Canada's North; Environmental Monitoring & Research; Geoscience; Permafrost Landscape Change; Diamond Geology & Exploration; Permafrost Hydrology; Permafrost: Preparing for Change; Innovation, and Education & Community Engagement.


Public event: The annual free public event is the Charles Camsell Lecture, which featured Dr. Chris Brown, from Carleton University, speaking on The Counting the Cost of Climate Change Along the Dempster Highway. The event was held at the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre on November 15, 2017.


Tradeshow: Ninety five Exhibitors showed off their wares at the tradeshow which was held in the Ed Jeske Arena of the Yellowknife Multiplex. As in previous years, there was a free time for the public to attend the tradeshow for two hours on Thursday morning.


Workshops: There were several informative workshops on Mining 101; and Induces Seismicity - Oil & Gas Developments; Land & Resources Management in the NWT.


Sponsorships:  Many sponsors helped make the event possible. We value and appreciate their contributions and support.


Comments Received Post-Conference (2017):

From Foraco (exhibitor)

  • "The networking opportunity for us was excellent. We were able to catch up in person with current and past clients and potential new ones. As well we were able to attend quite a few talks, the talks this year  relating to us were excellent, good content and informative"
  • "We find the arena where the trade show is held to be roomy (not congested) and well attended. We always have a busy booth with lots of vistors. The food is ok, but I have had worst, it is hard to serve to so many in a place such as the arena"
  • "Parking is excellent at the arena, but troublesome at the theater for the talks when you have a vehicle"
  • "The agenda and information provided was good, I never had to research anything that was listed or needed"

From Solvest Inc.(exhibtor)

  • "I just wanted to drop you a line and tell how much I enjoyed the week. My colleagues and I all walked away feeling like this was money well spent and that it was resounding success for us. We will most definitely be attending next year. If you ever need a blurb or a review of the event please let me kow and I'll put something together"
  • "Thanks again for answering my thousand questions leading up to the event"

Watch for it! We will continue to build on our past year's successes and look forward to seeing you at this coming year's event!  If you would like further information, contact the Chamber of Mines' conference coordinator at conference@miningnorth.com, Tel: 867 873 5281. 



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